Update and Summer 2015 Tour Dates !
May 20, 2015



Greetings ;-)

It’s been a while… Hope this finds you all well. 

It was a long, crazy winter, well, if you lived anywhere in Canada other than Vancouver Island and the lower mainland of BC.  Kevin Kane and I enjoyed a number of wonderful shows last November and December through BC and Ontario – warm, enthusiastic audiences along the way.  Catching up with old friends, actually seeing areas of the country I have not yet been to, people opening up their homes and their hearts to us.  And 2014 ended with a great night in Vancouver featuring The Pikes, The Grapes and The Odds!

It was a terrific way to cap off a year that saw Kev and I solidify our commitment to working together for the next while.  


January, February and March of this year was spent in the studio working out new material for the debut Kane & Potvin release, produced by Darryl Neudorf.  We’re excited to announce that we will be running a Pledge Music campaign this summer to complete the album. 


The campaign will feature loads of fun and interesting rewards.  And Kev and I are REALLY happy with the music we have written and recorded so far – very excited to have you hear it!

Another delightful Canadian summer is almost upon us and I’m on the road a bunch with both Kevin and the Pikes.  Check out the Tour section for details.

Thanks for checking in – have a great summer.