June 14, 2014, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Kevin Kane and I were contacted by Luke Jackson to perform at the 5th annual "Roncy Rocks" in the Roncesvalles area of Toronto.  It's a great event that features multiple stages with numerous acts spread out through the neighbourhood.  The weather was perfect and the audience appreciative.  The only issue Kevin and I came up against was that we underestimated the length of our setlist.  We'd come to end of the performance only to learn we still had several minutes to fill.  I leaned into Kevin and whispered "what if we play "Hell's Bells" by AC/DC?  I got a somewhat unsure response from him but convinced him that I thought this was a good idea.  So we launched into it - and to our surprise Tyler Stewart of Barenaked Ladies jumped on stage to join us.  The only problem was there were neither drumsticks or a kick drum pedal.  If you check out the video from my YouTube channel you'll see Tyler waiting patiently for someone to hand him some sticks.  That someone would be Cleave Anderson, the original drummer of Blue Rodeo, who was playing with the band following Kevin and I.  What resulted was a delightfully fun way to end a great day of music for Kev & I - an eclectic collection of musicians playing something nobody would have predicted they'd hear that day, particulary from us.  

Many thanks to Luke - such a wonderful host.  I hope we get invited back again.  Roncy does indeed Rock...