Audio Junkies House Concert

November 16, 2013 Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Gig number 2…  In a moment of air-headedness, I understood that I was performing a couple of tunes acoustically for an Audio Junkies podcast.  When I entered the door and saw the space set up for a performance in front of an audience, I knew I was going to be there longer than I'd expected.

The issue was that I was in a recording session at the time-- in Scarborough.  The Audio Junkies event was in Mississauga.  For those not familiar with the geography of the GTA, that can be a rather long drive.

After profound apologies from me for my confusion, Cam, Lee, and the rest of the Audio Junkies crew couldn’t have been more kind and accommodating.  I played a brisk set, a mixture of old and new, including a debut live performance of Too Late from the Heartbreakthrough album.

Please check out for all sorts of interesting music, interviews and discussion.  Great guys, great podcasts with an inspiring dedication to quality music.


Northern College Auditorium

November 5, 2013 Kirkland Lake, Ontario, Canada

This week,  I played what I am dubbing my debut performance of the Heartbledwhite Tour, a tour that undoubtedly will go on for many, many more months.  The introductory show took place on Saturday, November 2nd 2013 at the Northern College Auditorium in Kirkland Lake, Ontario.  With one very brief rehearsal before the doors opened, I was joined on stage by many players from the recording sessions for Heartbledwhite: Ian Auger on bass, Richard Jackson on drums, Peter Cliche on guitar and banjo, Kelly Adams on vocals and Andrew Candow on keyboards.

How this gig came about was that earlier this year, I produced an album entitled Love Lives Here for a Kirkland Lake artist by the name of Jamie Taylor.  Jamie is a terrific musician and songwriter and I am so very proud of the album he and I and Ian Auger and all the wonderful above-mentioned musicians made.  It’s a soulful expose of a man who has lived an honest life, in an environment that demands honesty.

From our first pre-production meeting, I was smitten with his voice, the sincerity of it, but also how technically strong he was.  This was a guy who clearly played and wrote music consistently.  Our immediate thought was that the process of recording him and his songs was going to be easy: Just keep the integrity of the music intact and let him sing the way he knows how.  And Ian and I were right – it did work.  I am very proud of the album.  I am also proud to say the Jamie Taylor is a friend.  We could all use more friends like him…

Thanks to Jamie for entrusting me – I was honored to be part of his dream.  And thanks to Ian, Rich, Peter, Kelly and Andrew for the wonderful accompaniment and for easing me into the Heartbledwhite Tour.  We are far from finished.

See you all soon.