August 7-10, 2014

The second week of August saw Richard Jackson (drums and percussion) & I hit four towns, in three provinces, in four nights.  First up was a show in the village of Rothesay, New Brunswick, a very short spin from St. John.  Our good buddy Jeff Liberty was able to land this show for us - great crew and a lovely audience amounted into a marvellous night.  We didn't get to rehearse a whole lot prior to this trip - in fact, we had exactly one rehearsal.  But Rich is such a pro - he knew the tunes very well.  In fact, he played on the entire Heartbledwhite album.  He and I capped off the evening with a great dinner downtown.  Beautiful weather, awesome food...

The next morning we headed off to PEI for a night at the Trailside Cafe.  Pat and Meghann are delightful hosts and they serve what might be the best burger I've ever had.  This particular audience was just incredible - they listened, they sang, they shouted nonsensical words at us :-)  It was a great night.  Very much hoping we return there again soon.

Saturday night for us was spent in the mighty Moncton.  My pal Ken Kelley came by the venue for a visit - it was good catching up with him.  

It was also great getting to know some new friends in Issis, Horace and Suri.  They the rule the roost commonly known by humans as Plan b.  Thank you Tracy :-) 

And finally, on Sunday August 10th, we performed at The Carleton in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Though it was a Sunday-sized crowd, they were extremely loud and enthusiastic.  Again, enough thanks can't go out to Mike Campbell - he has been so incredibly supportive to me and the Pikes over the years.  And I'm sure there is a massive chorus of other bands and muscians who would back me up on that :-) Cheers Mike.