August 24-31, 2014

Master Mike Campbell asked me if I'd be interested in participating in the Halifax Urban Folk Festival this year.  I thought about for a little less than a nanosecond and replied "YES".  First night was myself, David Pirner (of Soul Asylum) and Dwight Twilley.  Three tunes each acoustically with a bit storytelling mixed in meant for a very cool evening for those in attendance, in the audience AND on the stage :-)

I don't sing "She Ain't Pretty" very often at 8:30 AM but I made an exception this time for Global Halifax.  Many thanks to Paul and Alicia for having me!

Saturday night was spent with three quarters of Rebel Prospects at The Rock Bottom club on Spring Garden.  With exactly one rehearsal that morning, we banged through a few Pikes standards, a few BP tunes and a couple of covers for fine measure.  Many thanks to Jason, Kross and Andrew - you are fine musicians and finer men.

Folks in the music biz in Halifax are well aware of Mike Campbell's after-hours Tiki experience.  This is quite likely the ultimate music man-cave - a history-rich stroll down rock'n roll lane through the eyes and design tastes of Mr. Campbell, complete with endless supplies of fine adult beverages AND indoor smoking.  After the Rock Bottom set, we ended up on the VIP list for the Tiki.

Pirner and my good pal Kirk Lahey pretty much sum up what the Tiki is about.  

The next morning (well, 1:00 PM, which is about 7:30 AM in musician land) Dave and I hosted a songwriting workshop with about thirty enthusiastic participants.  It was a great pleasure to hear Dave talk - he's a very interesting and experienced guy and I know the group there, including me, learned a thing or two from him.   

Loved my first HUFF experience - I hope there's more in the future.  So happy to now call this great province my home :-)