Closer To The Heart VI – Ada Slaight Theatre
April 12, 2014 Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Recently, I was contacted by Karen Pace asking if I’d be interested in performing at an annual fundraiser for the Regent Park School Of Music, Closer To The Heart VI.  Without hesitation, I agreed.

Each musical guest was to perform two Canadian cover songs.  I chose Fly At Night by Chilliwack and Roxy Roller by Sweeny Todd.  (Keep checking the Bryan Potvin YouTube Channel – we will be loading some juicy performance bits in the near future ☺!

I can’t say enough about how much fun this event was, how great the house band was, how smoothly everything went (Karen), how good our host Tyler Stewart of Barenaked Ladies was
AND how cool it was be around such great and diverse talent.  Many of these people I grew up listening to at various times of my life.  I'd love to participate in this event again.

For those who have not been to the Ada Slaight Theatre (and there can’t be too many who have, as it is very new), this is an exceptional facility with great support staff.  And best of all, I met a 13 year old who proudly told me she plays three instruments, LOVES music school and “whatever job I have, I want it to be in music.”

THAT’S why we were there…