The Barley Vine Rail Co.
March 29 2014, Orangeville, Ontario, Canada

I was contacted by Lee Maslin from Aporia Records to see if I’d be interested in performing on a bill with Kevin Kane and a local singer/songwriter named Tim McIntosh in Orangeville.  Seemed like it would be good fun – Kevin built a guitar I bought recently, so we’ve been hanging a bit. And he loves to gig.  And so do I.  So… we got together for a couple rehearsals and discovered we really enjoy playing each other’s tunes and we enjoy each other’s company.

Turns out the energy translated on stage as well.  We had a lot of fun and frankly, we think we are only scratching the surface of us as a live duo.

I’ve got a lot to thank Lee Maslin for lately – this night in Orangeville will be remembered for a while.  Kevin and I confirmed some suspicions that the two of us performing together will work quite well. . .

Can’t wait for the next Kevin & Bryan show.

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