Audio Junkies House Concert
November 16, 2013 Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Gig number 2…  In a moment of air-headedness, I understood that I was performing a couple of tunes acoustically for an Audio Junkies podcast.  When I entered the door and saw the space set up for a performance in front of an audience, I knew I was going to be there longer than I'd expected.

The issue was that I was in a recording session at the time-- in Scarborough.  The Audio Junkies event was in Mississauga.  For those not familiar with the geography of the GTA, that can be a rather long drive.

After profound apologies from me for my confusion, Cam, Lee, and the rest of the Audio Junkies crew couldn’t have been more kind and accommodating.  I played a brisk set, a mixture of old and new, including a debut live performance of Too Late from the Heartbreakthrough album.

Please check out for all sorts of interesting music, interviews and discussion.  Great guys, great podcasts with an inspiring dedication to quality music.