Feb 12 2017


Hi there – thanks for checking in.

 I hope everyone’s fall and holiday season capped off 2016 in satisfying and inspiring style :-)

 I’m busy planning gigs with the Pikes.  And Kane & Potvin are booking shows for this year as well as planning for a new album for next year.  And whilst planning our summer touring schedules, a wrinkle came up.

Jay Semko & Don Schmid are going to play a show without me in Carlyle SK on August 19th (opening for 54:40).  I will not be on the stage with them.  On Aug 19th I will be on tour with Kevin Kane in Newfoundland.  Unfortunately there was no way to reschedule these events.

My band mates have been very understanding about this and our gracious hosts from Carlyle have agreed to a sub sitting in for me.  

Thanks again and I hope to see you out there, somewhere, this year!